New Americans Campaign host Ethnic Media Conferenc to help qualifying immigrants to become U.S. citizens

On April 27, 2017, journalist John Wang of China Star News at Chicago, attended the Ethnic Media Conference hosted by New Americans Campaign.

John Wang of China Star News, together with Jesus Del Toro of ImpreMedia (based in Chicago), and Anthony Advincula of New Americans Campaign (based in New York), were the panel speakers. Juliana Cabrales of NALEO (based in Raleigh, North Carolina) was the moderator. The main topic of the panel discussion is about how to help qualifying immigrants to become U.S. citizens, and many media representatives from Midwest and other regions attended the conference.

John Wang introduced China Star’s efforts in the covering of rallies against discrimination of Chinese Americans. Not only did China Star News reported the rally in local Chicago TV channels, it also managed to send the TV recording to major TV stations in China, attracted hundreds of millions of audiences.

In addition to news reporting, China Star News is also a major event organizer. China Star organized some large performance events with thousands of audiences to promote Chinese traditional culture and cultures of ethnic minorities to main stream American society.

China Star News also had extensive coverage of Theresa Mah, who is the first elected Chinese American State Representative in Illinois. The election of Theresa Mah, is a major driving force for Chinese Americans to gain citizenship in order to vote in the election. Every vote count, Theresa Mah won by only 500 votes, underscore the importance of naturalization drive in Chicago Chinese American community.

Panel speaker Jesus Del Toro and Anthony Advincula also talked extensively about how to achieve better coverage of ethnic minorities, how to distribute news report to more ethnic groups, and how to encourage qualifying immigrants to apply for naturalizations.