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美国将朝鲜列入”支持恐怖主义国家”名单 中方回应

美国总统特朗普20日宣布,将朝鲜列入美国“支持恐怖主义国家”名单。中国外交部发言人陆慷21日回应说,希望有关各方都能多做有利于形势缓和的事。这是美国时隔九年多再次将朝鲜列入该名单。目前,美国“支持恐怖主义国家”名单上还有伊朗、苏丹和叙利亚三国。 read more



“Today’s federal court ruling is another significant win in our fight to stop the Trump administration from unlawfully attempting to force welcoming cities to abandon their values. I’m proud Chicago has been a leader in that fight, and I’m equally proud yet another court has agreed that the Trump Administration’s actions were unlawful. We will not be bullied into changing our values, and we cannot be bought by the Trump Administration. Chicago will continue to stand up for all our residents, and the rulings on this issue are proof that we will win.” read more